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H?i D??ng is a city in Vietnam. It is the capital of H?i D??ng, a highly developed and industrialised province located within the Hanoi Metropolitan Area as well as the Red River Delta in Northern Vietnam. Its name is Sino-Vietnamese for "ocean sun" (??). At the midpoint between the capital Hà N?i and major port city H?i Phòng, H?i D??ng is an important urban area in the Northern Key Economic Zone.GeographyHai Duong city is bordered to the north-east by the Nam Sách District and Thanh Hà District. A branch of the Cái River (literally, "mother river" in Vietnamese) divides the city into two parts, on one side the urban area, on the other side lie rural and industrial outskirts. It is bordered to the west by the C?m Giàng District, and to the south by the Gia L?c and T? K? districts, and also a branch of the Sat River. The city is located in the centre of both the Northern Economic Area and of the Hanoi–Hai Phong–Quang Ninh development region as well. H?i D??ng is located 58km from Hanoi, 45km from Hai Phong, and 80km from Halong Bay. A railway, National Highway No.5 (Hanoi - H?i D??ng - Hai Phong) and National Highway No.18 (B?c Ninh - H?i D??ng - Qu?ng Ninh) all pass through the province.

Bewertung: 5 / 5 - 99406

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